How To View All Reviews

As a manager, you can see all of the reviews you are responsible for completing by clicking on "Reviews" in the main navigation. If you want to see your reviews, go to My Account / Reviews.


The review list shows all the reviews you have access to, with separate views for each status.



All: Shows you all the reviews across all statuses.

Drafts: Shows all reviews that are in the draft status.

Past Due: Shows all reviews that have not reached the final stage of “Accepted” yet and are paste their due date. (To learn more about paste due reviews, see: Past Due Review)

In Progress: Shows all reviews that have been saved and completed, but have not been released to the employee yet.

Completed: Shows all reviews released and pending acceptance. And all reviews Accepted (by yourself or a designated leader).

Each tab will show you reviews that fit within the pre filtered criteria.


Review name: Clicking on the review name will open the review detail page.

Employee: Clicking on the employee's name will open the profile of the individual whose review is listed.

Feedback: Clicking these will show any feedback received, self feedback or feedback given, during this review period. If looking at your own review, you will not be able to see other's comments left for you.

Due: Shows the due date. If the review is past due, the row highlights red and an alarm clock icon appears next to review name.

Manager: Shows the manager responsible for completing and releasing the review.

Score: Shows where on the graph the individual's review is appearing. Hovering over the score will display the core values and results specific scores.

Status: Shows the status at which the review was left off on. Hovering over the status will also show more information, such as last edited.

To see all the reviews placed on the graph, click graph view on the right hand side.


You can also search or add filters to narrow down your view of results on any of the pre filtered tabs.


After you select "Apply Filters", you can refresh by selecting "Clear All Filters" to resume viewing your normal list.


You can also export all the review content by selecting which reviews you would like to include in the export. And then select the "Export" button. You can select s CSV or a PDF. Here are some more instructions for exporting: Exporting Review Data / Comments / Scores




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